At least 30 of 41 choir members contract coronavirus after indoor rehearsal


At least 30 of the 41 members of a gospel choir in Spain have contracted Covid-19 after rehearsing indoors in a space with little air circulation, the choir and local authorities said.

The River Troupe Gospel, a group of volunteers, rehearsed on September 11 before an outdoor performance two days later for a local festival in Sallent, a town in the province of Barcelona.

It was their first public performance since the start of the pandemic.

A choir member tested positive after the September 13 performance, forcing more than 40 other members and their close contacts to self-isolate, the choir said.

Since then, at least 30 singers have tested positive, said the town hall of Sallent.

Although the choir claims to have adhered to most health safety measures, including temperature checks on arrival, hand washing, social distancing and masks during most of the rehearsal, the venue windows have been closed to avoid moths and mosquitoes.

The group said they turned on the air conditioning to combat the heat.

It is not known if anyone close to the singers was also infected.

Experts have warned that under certain circumstances, such as during medical procedures or when people are in nearby indoor spaces singing or shouting, the coronavirus can spread through the air.

Choir practices in the United States have been identified as a wide spread event in which hundreds of people subsequently contracted the virus.

The town hall of Sallent believes that there was no risk of infection during the performance of September 13 following the rehearsal because it was outside with the required security measures.

It comes as Spain continues to fight a second wave of coronavirus.

The country has a confirmed death toll of more than 31,000.

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