Central stage of the LGBT choir at the Nanjing Center for Culture



January 7, and the former Jiangsu Culture University (??), which is now the Jiangsu Center for Culture in Nanjing, hosted its first performance of the New Jump Choir Group, which received rave reviews.

The group consists of 26 members from Nanjing Lgbt community. As for the choir ensembles, it was a treat; It’s not often that the expat community in Nanjing gets a glimpse of local shows like this.

No song was sung out of tune, each baritone and soprano totally in sync; it was clear that this choir not only devoted itself seriously to its practice, but also developed a genuine passion for the hobby it chose. Each member comes from different backgrounds, ranging from students to teachers and doctors.

“Huahua is the founder of New Jump. And Mr. Huang is the conductor and director of this show. We don’t have a lead singer at the moment. We meet almost every Sunday night and practice, except on the hottest and coldest days. So far, we don’t have much on the plate. For 2018, we’re still keeping it low-key. We have two big ones [events] coming soon, ”Zhi Yuan (Ryan) said while speaking with The Nanjinger.

New Jump has given the LGBT community a creative outlet for collective expression, which seems to be gaining ground across the country. After that, the group intends to participate not only in the regional championships, but also at the national level. “The first [event] is the first national LGBT choir festival in Shanghai later in June. The other [event] is our second gig in Nanjing in October, ”continued Ryan.

“New Jump is created today and is the only such choir in Nanjing. But there are many of us all over China. All the singers are Chinese, but foreigners are more than welcome to join us. After all, this chorus is all about understanding and acceptance. Right after our first show, a trial run is underway. We look forward to expanding our choir to over 35 people and making a bigger difference in the future.

“This choir is not just for the LGBT community. We also welcome people who support us. In fact, we have quite a few volunteers who support marriage equality outside of our community. “

While the songs were predominantly Chinese, that didn’t stop us from fully enjoying such a delicious show. “We try to play all kinds of songs. The ones we sang at the show were only part of it. But yes. They are mostly Chinese, mixed with some English songs. We’re looking for Japanese or Korean or whatever, as long as they can bring joy to us and the audience, ”Ryan continued.

“We’ve been practicing together for over a year now. The idea to create this choir came more than two years ago. But we went through a difficult time, and a lot of former singers left. We have realized that nothing can be done without 100 percent persistence. So we recruited new members and here we are, standing here, singing for all of you.

To learn more about the New Jump Choir Group, please follow this link.



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