Guangdong Church Hosts Joint Sacred Music Training


A church in China’s southeastern coastal province of Guangdong held joint training courses in sacred music.

The sacred music committee of Tianhe Church in Guangzhou held its annual sacred music training courses on August 13 and 20, attended by its 130 members, members of two choirs from Zengcheng Church and a choir from Shahe Church, while these three churches exercised joint ministries. , according to the Tianhe Church.

A full-time church music teacher named Zhang from Guangdong Union Theological Seminary gave a lecture on “Song of Eternity”, sharing three equipment including spiritual life, consciousness of their homework and the practice of music. Combined with the anthem titled “The Way of Life”, Zhang gave feedback and guidance to each voice one by one, pronunciation of lyrics, understanding of rhythm, emotional regulation, and cooperation between the conductor and choir members. . Another teacher named Liu trained the believers in vocal music to improve their singing level.

Built in 1949, Tianhe Church can accommodate 3,000 people at a time to worship God.

– Translated by Abigail Wu


Guangdong Church Hosts Joint Sacred Music Training


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