Kerala church choir members wear hijabs and skullcaps against CAA



In a bizarre incident, members of a Kerala Church choir dressed in Muslim attire, with girls wearing headscarves and boys wearing skullcaps to show solidarity with the anti-CAA movement in the country.

This bizarre protest comes at a time when the Citizenship Amendment Act grants citizenship to persecuted religious minorities, including Christians, from the three neighboring Islamic nations, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh, who fled to India before the 31st. December 2014.

According to some sources, fourteen protesters wearing Muslim clothes sang Christmas carols during Christmas celebrations at St Thomas Mar Thoma Church in Kozhencherry in Pathanamthitta of Kerala.

In the performance video shared on social media, the youth of the Church Choir group sing Christmas carols composed to the tune of “Mappila pattu”, which are traditional songs sung by the Muslim community in Kerala. The girls can be seen clapping their hands to the beat, like “Oppana”, another traditional art form of the Muslim community.

The video is shown with the caption “Christmas: Celebrating Refugees”.

Speaking to the media, Father Daniel T Philip, Deputy Vicar, said it was important to express their solidarity with the agitations against the CAA during the Christmas celebration.

“Jesus and his parents had to flee after his birth as refugees because of a king. What we are seeing now may very well be related. People are denied citizenship, their identity is lost and they are forced to flee as refugees. So for us the celebration of Christmas this year is in solidarity with those people who are victimized, ”said Father Daniel.

He also added that the protesters chose to wear Muslim clothing for the choir as a symbolic protest against Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s statement that protesters can be identified by their clothing. He added that the real meaning of Christmas lies in spreading peace among people.

“That’s what we tried to do with this company. There is no point in discriminating between communities or different people; what we need is peace among all, ”he said.

The event was organized by the Kozhencherry unit of Yuvajansakhyam, a youth wing of the Marthoma Church. Reverend Daniel T Thomas, a priest who trained young people, said the Christmas carol was composed in the mappila pattu style to express his solidarity with those protesting against the CAA.

In a similar solidarity “protest”, few churches in Kerala, Calcutta, Telangana and Assam had sermonized people on Christmas Eve and morning mass to oppose the law amending the Church. citizenship law. According to some sources, some churches in Kolkata have called for an end to the “politics of hate”. The law granting citizenship to persecuted Christians in three neighboring states faces opposition from churches in India.

The Syro-Malabar Catholic Church in Kerala has also said it is becoming “anxious” because of the barriers of “differentiation and division being created”. In a sermon at the church, Archbishop Mar Anthony Kariyil said that one should not try to create confusion and complexity among people.

In Secunderabad, Telangana, the Wesley Church congregation on Christmas Day had people standing with signs saying “We Indians reject CAA” and “CAA against the constitution.”

Muslim crowds have been unleashed across the country to protest against the law amending the citizenship law. These mobs used extreme violence against the police, including firing bullets and injuring them as they tried to stop the violent mobs from throwing stones. Crowds also damaged millions of public infrastructure, including police stations and railway infrastructure, in protest against the law amending the citizenship law.



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