Members of the PHS choir pass to the state


Plainview High School’s choir department won the UIL regional solo and ensemble competition this month.

Chief choir director Jennie Hsu said her team performed well and ended the day with 20 Premier League soloists and three Premier League ensembles earning those participants a trip. in the state competition.

“These students, soloists and ensemble students will travel to Austin in late May for the Texas State Solo and Ensemble Competition,” Hsu said.

To earn a Division 1 rating, participants must perform and master a Category 1 piece of music, which means it must be a difficult piece, she said. Students can perform pieces that vary in difficulty, but only those performing selections of the most difficult level can earn a Division One performance rating.

“Division One means a top grade,” she explained.

Hsu is proud that given the opportunity to choose, the majority of her choir students have voluntarily chosen to perform pieces eligible for this rating level.

Another factor that contributes to the degree of difficulty and makes their Division One ratings more impressive is language, she noted. Students must memorize selections in a foreign language such as Latin, German, or French, to name a few. It’s not easy to take it to the next level, she pointed out.

In a continuing break from years of traditional pageant hosting, the judge actually came to Plainview High School to watch the contestants perform.

Although the competition is divided into categories of solos and ensembles, participants can enter both – and many Hsu students have done so. Her team includes students from all high school levels.

Hsu is in her first year as chief choir director and her third overall with Plainview High School’s choir department after serving the previous two years as assistant director. This year, his assistant choir director is Ian Klotzman who is in his first year with PHS.

With the regional competition behind them, Hsu and his choir are looking forward to May to show off what they can do.

Choir members who have advanced include:


Jordan Wallace

Sophie Cain

Kylie Carter

Zachary Collins

Cassidy Delgado

Eyanha Garcia

Skyler Garcia

Caleb Geyer

Alex Gomez

Kenzi Knippa

maciel daisy

Landon Mooney

Emmalee Tavarez

Avery Moudy


Cynthia Belmares

Xzavier Chavez

Zachary Franklin

Lilian Leatherman

Cielo Morales

Amery Watters

Second year students

Dalton Henderson

cooper wild

Mackenzie Sims


Ethan Aguire

AJ Alcozer

Javi Campos

landri nelson

Cameron Plant


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