Members of the Rock Choir reunite for a “fat chant” at the Beacon


Singers from the world’s largest contemporary choir took part in a ‘big sing’ event at the Beacon in Wantage.

On Saturday, Rock Choir members from Wantage, Oxford, Abingdon, Didcot and Witney came together under one roof for a big choir rehearsal.

The ‘rockies’ were very excited to be back at physical rehearsals and filled the room to the sound of hit songs.

Caroline Redman Lusher, award-winning singer and creator of Rock Choir, built Rock Choir from 100 members in her home town of Farnham, Surrey in 2005 to now over 33,000 members across the UK.

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Ms Lusher attended the ‘big song’ at The Beacon and thanked the singers for their loyalty and support throughout the lockdown.

The Rock Choir founder sings about the benefits of group singing on mental health and well-being.

Ms Lusher said: “Singing helps people live a more pleasant and calm life.”

She added, “People will be able to face life’s difficulties in a positive and strong way.”

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