Members of the Roxbury HS Choir perform at the NJMEA All-State Music Festival in Atlantic City



ROXBURY, NJ (November 14, 2019) – Eighteen members of the Roxbury High School Choir represented their school and district this past weekend at the 2019 NJ All-State Mixed Choir Festival in Atlantic City.

These choir members included seniors Omar Abdallah, Taylor Bailey, Heather Doherty, Joshua Lemma, Julia Malczynski, Matthew Malsbury, Christian Marrero, Amanda Melchers, Olivia Rebernik, Emily Rheinhardt and Spencer Scalamoni as well as juniors Marisa Brinkman, Jacob Hachey, Justin Kurbansade, Joseph Negron, David Petrov, Mackenzy Reilly and second student Steven Burns.

The singers performed under the direction of guest conductor Dr. Sandra Snow of Michigan State University.

Junior Zachary Solano also represented the Roxbury Band Department as a tuba player in the All-State Orchestra.

They will perform again this Sunday, November 17 at the NJ Performing Arts Center. This is the last New Jersey Music Educators Association All-State Mixed Chorus and Orchestra concert in 2019.

ATTACHED PHOTO (courtesy Roxbury High School)

TOP: Roxbury HS All State Mixed Choir Students 2019 (left to right): Steven Burns, Matthew Malsbury, Julia Malczynski, Joseph Negron, Marisa Brinkman, Christian Marrero, Joshua Lemma, David Petrov, Patrick Hachey, Justin Krubansade, Emily Rheinhardt , Mackenzy Reilly, Jacob Hachey, Olivia Rebernik, Spencer Scalamoni, Amanda Melchers, Omar Abdallah, Taylor Bailey and Heather Doherty

Left midfielder: Zachary Solano snorkeling at the RHS Academic Awards (courtesy Lors Photography)



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