Minnesota West offers CPR and first aid training for first responders



My name is Galen McCarthy and I graduated in 1994 from Minnesota West Community & Technical College and graduated from Southwest Minnesota State University in Marshall a few years later.

I was a volunteer firefighter for 19 years and am currently employed as a part-time firefighter for the town of Mankato. I have been in education for over 23 years and have been teaching Fire and EMS since 2003. My passion for teaching firefighters, EMS personnel and law enforcement has grown every year since I started teaching. started teaching my first EMT refresher course in Ceylon. Years later, I also added firefighter education.

Since my childhood, I wanted to be a firefighter. I wanted to save lives.

Have you ever watched “Emergency! “?

If you want to help your community – and help your family with skills that can save a life or help someone in need – consider joining your local fire department or ambulance service. The number of respondents in our country is at a critical level. Communities need stakeholders. Some towns have lost their fire and / or ambulance services due to low numbers and lack of replacement personnel. This places a greater demand on neighboring cities to respond and increases the response time to get to emergencies in a timely manner.

Our communities need trained workers. Consider joining. If you do, you will need training once you sign up. Or maybe you just want some training in CPR and first aid.

Minnesota West offers all of this training, as well as continuing education for fire and EMS services and the public. We are adding new training opportunities for fire departments and adding new accessories to help give our responders in the area the best skills and knowledge to help them be prepared for the emergencies they will be called upon in the South. western Minnesota.

Whether you are firefighters, EMS, law enforcement or a combination of these, we are all first responders and one team. To be effective at what we are called upon to do, we need the latest techniques and skills to be there in an emergency.

Minnesota West offers CPR and first aid certification courses on and off campus. If you are a fire department, consider being a welcome site for our 1001 courses. We offer an online course with three weekend skills sessions that can train you in three months. Or, we offer a once-a-week face-to-face fire school course for departments that want more classroom instruction.

Personalized Training Minnesota West Fire and EMS wants to train people to save lives and keep our communities safe. Contact Minnesota West today and set up your training. We’re here to train you to be the best.



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