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Conference room at Jim Corbett

Conference room at Jim Corbett

Jim Corbett Luxury Resorts

Jim Corbett Luxury Resorts

UTTARAKHAND, RAMNAGAR, INDIA, Aug. 26, 2022 / — Corporate events can be a huge mess if there is no proper technical setup. When you have to keep up with strict and busy schedules, deadlines, and peer pressure, hosting the corporate event to build rapport is important to encourage your team to be enthusiastic and active in their work. However, finding a perfect place for it, organizing things from proper setup to decoration, from activities to catering, can be a bit overwhelming and even time consuming. For this to work seamlessly, it requires an experienced individual with the skills, professionalism, and knowledge to easily manage corporate events. We help our guests by arranging for them all materials, equipment and anything related to corporate events including video conferencing system, whiteboards and markers, projectors, notepads, microphone , music systems and other types of technical assistance.

The resort team will take care of managing accommodation and providing other necessary facilities for guests. Our team here knows all the technical aspects needed to make meetings successful, and even in the remote suburbs, we have everything to make this the best set of facilities.
What can be arranged at Jim Corbett Resort?


This Jim Corbett complex helps add dramatic excitement to create a truly motivating and thrilling journey of life. The sky can only be the limit and you know everything about your group trip which will be adventurous. Your team or visiting guests will experience a friendly and personalized welcome, so that they all feel treated like VIPs. The Jim Corbett Hotel’s team of experts will organize activities that will help everyone stay focused and productive.


We understand your preference for the suave and sophisticated when it comes to your business. They will make it a point of honor to provide the best business facilities for organizing meetings and corporate events. Jim Corbett’s state-of-the-art, fully-equipped conference room will be ideal for business arrangements, whether it’s an annual meeting, team-building exercise or business seminar. ‘company.


Corporate life in today’s world is full of stress, tension, and challenges, leaving you with barely enough time to interact with your peers and get to know them better. Jim Corbett’s team building strategies and company outings help to eliminate the gaps between them, which surely results in improved overall productivity of the process or organization. Team outings are quite interactive and effective in helping individuals get out of their comfort zone by making them understand the importance of team management, communication, commitment, leadership, stress and of time management. Corporate visits to Jim Corbett are generally set in natural surroundings and are fun and adventurous with each a unique set of learning activities.


Jim Corbett’s luxury resorts have an in-house team of experienced managers and professionals dedicated to meeting the demand for hosting parties, shows, games, music nights and events, through their planning and their meticulous execution. They will use their own set up and decor, which will likely leave you spellbound to make your ideal event a success as you expect it to be.

Our portfolio of events includes:
1. Product launches
2. Reward Programs
3. Seminars and meetings
4. Club meetings
5. Themed parties like birthdays, anniversaries and baby showers etc.
6. Wedding or engagement ceremonies

Family meeting and outing

Take advantage of a moment in their busy schedule to strengthen their bond with the family and engage in different activities with them. With the family outing at Jim Corbett, you have the opportunity to explore your relationship with your family members and make it even stronger. The activities are carried out in a pleasant and attractive setting of the Resort. You can spend time with the family while telling these stories from your childhood. You will have exciting memories to take home from this family resort on a weekend well spent with your loved ones.

This Jim Corbett resort for a family outing is ideal for tiger watching, sightseeing or family play with ample space to enjoy adventurous activities, making it an ideal location for Jim Corbett outings. You can participate in different recreational activities like family cricket, enjoy the pool, candle light dinner by the pool, bonfire and many more. If you want a perfect package to enjoy your family trip, you can book the resort for an exciting stay.

About Seven Corbett Resort

Seven Corbett is the perfect place to stay in Jim Corbett, if you want an economical yet luxurious stay in the lap of nature, away from the hectic life of crowded cities. People have become so busy organizing their careers and lives that they are not living their lives to the full. Seven Corbett is one of Jim Corbett’s finest luxury resorts amidst beautiful and extant wildlife. They will provide you with a favorable experience to ensure that your stay takes place with state-of-the-art amenities.

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360 degree view of the beautiful Seven Corbett Resort in Jim Corbett National Park. Get a chance to dive deep into nature.


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