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Several students at Caledonia Area High School recently participated in marching band and choir events.

The students have been recognized for their outstanding work in the respective disciplines so far.

The events were held at Winona State University and another was the Three Rivers ALL Conference Honor Choir and Orchestras.

Jenna Scanlan, Jenna Benzing, Dominick Konkel, Devon Kruse, Hailey Loken

These students were able to take part in the 41st WSU Honor Band under the direction of newly appointed Marching Band Director Dr Melanie Brooks. The students were able to play musical selections from Finland, America and Argentina. Students were exposed to different yards, styles and backgrounds of composers. The students were able to play music with other students from the tri-state area.

3 Rivers Conference Honor Band:

Elijah Nolte, Amelia Marney, Brendan McDonald, Sequoia Twite

These students were among the best students in our section. The students were under the supervision of Dr. Amy Roisum-Foley, group director at Minneosta State University Mankato. The students were able to make music with some of the same students that they have faced in other sports, theater or robotics. It was a great community development experience for all participants.

Jenna Scanlan noted that there were “100 people in the band and it had a lot of instruments that we don’t even have here in Caledonia”.

“The Three Rivers Honor Choir gives students across our conference the opportunity to sing along with other students of similar abilities and desires,” noted choir director Ross Martin. “The directors take the best singers from each of the choirs, provide them with music and give them the opportunity to express themselves with others. Each school sends about ten singers. Next year’s Honorary Choir will be in Rushford Peterson and the 2020 Honorary Choir and Orchestra will be hosted by Caledonia.

“As for the rehearsals, it’s been a long day and we never went through all the music together until the final performance,” said Seqoiua Twite. “It was fun to see it all come together.”

Loken and the others said they “learned a lot from the experience.”

Caledonia will host the 2nd Halleluia Chorus Sing A Long at the Christmas concert on December 17th. All members of the community are welcome. Music is available by emailing Mr. Martin at [email protected] or by calling 507-725-3316 X3220. Rehearsal tracks are available and there will be a rehearsal on December 16th. Time to be determined.



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